Let’s Talk Yoga!

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Like many others, I dabbled into the yoga world a few times starting in 2009 while I was living in the White Mountains in AZ by visiting a Iyengar Yoga class with a friend.  I liked it but found myself very bored but yet my body let go of some insane tension I had in my neck and back. I returned for just two more sessions and just didn’t feel it was what I was looking for. Fast forward to 2010 I moved to Oregon and decided to give yoga another shot, this time it was Vinyasa flow.  I resorted to practicing 20 min yoga videos at home and always enjoyed the end where I held the poses for longer.  In 2013 I experienced my first Yin Yoga class after moving to Bend, Oregon and having so many different studios and classes and instructors to choose from.  This was my Yoga, I felt right at home and the benefits I experienced carried out into my daily life. I started attending 2 Yin classes per week and haven’t stopped since.  Yoga has been instrumental in healing from chronic disease and keeping my immune system in balance.  In 2014 I entered the world of home yoga practice, which I believe was key for me to practice more routinely. In 2016 I enrolled in Radiant Health Yoga teacher training. I was blessed with an amazing yoga instructor: Joanna Cashman who is a Registered Nurse and Massage therapist. The anatomy, health benefits and safety of yoga were strong and forefront in this training program.  It’s part of my story and journey.  I hope to inspire and empower my patients with Yoga knowledge!

Let’s talk Yoga!

History of Yoga:

Yoga was defined over 5000 years ago in India as a system to address comprehensive health: spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental (Yoga Alliance, 2017).  We have modernized yoga and have various names and belief systems behind some of the yoga training and yoga programs.  I’ll dissect this for you!

Types of Yoga as defined by the Yoga Alliance:

Gentle yoga:

-calming, relaxing, and utilization of props to support students. Poses are gentle and often held for longer periods of time like 5-10 minutes.
Common names: Restorative, Yin, Gentle yoga

Spiritually oriented yoga

-include meditation in addition to physical postures. Chanting, use of mantras will help to cultivate spiritual growth.

Common names: Ananda, Hatha, Kundalini

Flow yoga

-classes include some aerobic activity and can be invigorating.  Postures are typically only held for a few minutes before moving to the next pose through flow.

Common Names: Vinyasa, Power & some of the others mentioned in other categories will include flow yoga!

Alignment-oriented yoga

-give great detail to proper alignment of the poses and holds are longer than in a flow class.

Common Names: Iyengar

Fitness yoga

-primarily emphasizes the physical practice with aerobic conditioning as well as building strength and stamina.

Common Names: Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Cardio yoga, Weight Loss yoga

Hot yoga

-involves classes held in heated room, up to 110 degrees and sometimes physically demanding poses.

Common Names: Bikram, Hot yoga

Specialty yoga

-classes are designed to special populations.

Common Names: Senior yoga, Prenatal yoga, Kids yoga, Cardio yoga, Trauma Yoga

You’re probably wondering which type of yoga is best for you?

It’s very individualized and can change day to day.  For example, you might find a challenging power or hot yoga to benefit your health on days when you do more sitting.  And on more hectic stressful days, you may benefit from a Yin yoga class.  It’s important to connect with the type of yoga, the instructor and understand the level of yoga class you are signing up for.  You will know when you find home!

Click here to read about the health benefits of yoga!


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