Is This You?

Maybe you’ve felt like it was just you or you were told it’s in your head or that it’s “normal” aging.

imagine a life where

breakthrough is possible

What would it mean for you if your 3 most debilitating and disruptive symptoms could be relieved? How would that change things for you?


Work One-On-One with Dr. Jennifer-Doctor of Nursing Practice, Functional Medicine Expert

It’s time to reclaim that youthful self, restore your energy and recover your health. If you’re ready to see yourself past this mountain, Dr. Jennifer is here to help you!

Personalized Medicine

Your telehealth visits are personalized and the focus is entirely on you, your experience, your journey, and your plan. Dr. Paulson does not have protocols because you are unique! Your plan is based on your history, genetics, lab findings, and your lifestyle!


Dr. Paulson limits her daily volume of telehealth visits to ensure she has the energy and dedication for each visit. Putting her heart and soul into her work, you will receive true holistic care focusing on your mental-emotional-physical-spiritual health.

Ongoing Support

When you commit to working with Dr. Paulson, you will have regularly scheduled visits to ensure success in your health journey. As you achieve your health goals, the visits become less frequent-it all depends on your needs.

A Plan to Follow + Resources

Functional medicine is lifestyle medicine. You'll receive a holistic plan and tools to implement lifestyle changes that bring healing and optimize health.

Schedule with Jennifer

Your healing begins here!  Dr. Jennifer Paulson, DNP has 10+ years of experience in functional and integrative medicine! She has walked in your shoes and dealt with autoimmune disease, hormone imbalance, environmental toxicities. Her journey inspired her to create this Telehealth clinic and offer affordable care to help you feel your best! 


Telehealth allows you to conduct your visit with Dr. Paulson from the comfort of your home where most of your “health care” takes place. This is appropriate for most functional medicine care. If possible, Dr. Paulson does like to see her patients in person once per year for an exam. 

Depending upon where you see Jennifer for services, insurance billing may be an option. She is a preferred provider with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Regence, Pacific Source, Select Health, Mountain Health Co-Op. We are working on additional insurance contracts with United Health Care and Cigna (anticipated March 2024). 

Your holistic plan will address sleep, movement, relaxation/nervous system balance, nutrition, and relationships. Most individuals will make changes in at least two of these key pillars of health. 

This depends upon your current symptoms, lab results, and individualized care plan. Dr. Paulson takes a more conservative approach with supplements and strives to use food as medicine. However, in some situations where patients are greatly depleted, supplementation is necessary!

Your personalized medicine

What's included?

Working with Dr. Paulson for personalized medicine is structured as a fee for service-no packages, protocols, or commitments!