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Having weathered serious health problems in her own family that have been better managed by functional medicine, Jennifer Paulson has lived through the same struggles that her patients are experiencing. Jennifer is a Family Nurse Practitioner, IFM Certified Practitioner, and Registered Yoga Teacher. She’s witnessed firsthand how functional medicine has healed her patients and helped change their lives.



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Functional Medicine


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Jennifer’s Approach:

The 8 Foundations of Health

Stress Management & Healthy Relationships

We work as a team to help you to develop a plan to reduce stress and manage stress. Identifying your community and healthy relationships is important to achieving optimal health.

Optimizing Nutrition

You will be given a nutrition plan and if necessary supplement recommendation that is individualized to your needs based on laboratory and physical exam findings. .

Hormone Balancing

Our plan will focus on balancing all hormones: adrenal, thyroid and sex hormones in a healthy and safe manner. Healthy hormone levels are vital to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.

Optimizing Exercise & Movement

You will be given an individualized exercise and movement plan with realistic and escalating goals to meet your health goals.

Optimizing GI Health

We will work to optimize your gut health with the aid of functional testing, supplementation and nutrition. Your GI healing plan is individualized and based on symptoms and we work with various GI nutritional healing plans.

Reduce Toxicity

We will screen for toxicity at various levels including environmental toxins, heavy metals, and toxic relationships. You will be given a practical plan and steps to take to reduce your overall body toxin burden.

Immune Health & Clearing Chronic Infections

We screen for auto-immune diseases and work to improve overall vitality to the body and immune system. We treat biotoxin illness and work to clear chronic infections in the body.

Genetic Considerations for Individualization

You are unique and we understand that. No two patients in our clinic will have the same plan. We look at your genetic make-up, family history and make recommendations on how to turn off bad genes and turn on good gene to achieve optimal health.

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