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Are you Experiencing Any of the Following?

Do not let anyone tell you that you have to accept signs of hormone imbalance and aging as your new norm! 


Fatigue is common with many health conditions we treat, and especially as we get older and lose our hormones.  This is one of the first signs there is something off balance in the body. We can find the root cause and improve your energy so you can enjoy life!

Hormone Symptoms

Hormone Imbalance symptoms include loss of libido, vaginal dryness, irregular menstrual cycles, early menopause, PCOS,  erection dysfunction, sexual dysfunction.  We work to regain hormonal balance!

Brain Fog

Brain fog and loss of mental clarity occurs with many health conditions, especially with GI symptoms or loss of hormones. It’s important to protect your brain as you age! Our holistic plans target healthy aging to protect your brain!


Insomnia is common with the loss of hormones as we age. Good, restorative sleep is critical for our overall health. We utilize various interventions to restore your optimal sleep! Restorative sleep is essential for healthy hormones & healthspan!

Depleted and Defeated?

Let's Fix That Together!

I've been there & I see it a lot.

It’s exhausting to try find answers for your health issues, especially when the answers seem hidden. Maybe you’ve sought medical care already and have been told there’s not much that can be done. It’s likely you’ve already tried so many things, but symptoms prevail.

I’ve had firsthand experience of this. I’ve had family members and my own body that have had glooming diagnostic labels of autism, dyslexia, asthma, IBS, mycotoxin illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, and autoimmune disease.  I was offered a hysterectomy at age 23!  Functional medicine has brought healing to me and my family. I am honored to share my experiences and ongoing knowledge with you! 

As a DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice), I have provided conventional medicine in a variety of settings, but have never been satisfied with the “band-aid” approach. That’s why I continued my learning and now utilize the tools of Functional Medicine— treating the whole body and looking at the complete picture. As a peri-menopausal woman, I am experiencing what it takes to age gracefully. 

Your diagnosis is not your destiny.  Aging is not a disease. I’d love to help you.


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Telehealth Care

Dr. Paulson holds active licenses in Arizona, Oregon, & Idaho.  If you are in one of these states, she can work with you one-on-one via virtual appointments. 

In-Person Care

Dr. Paulson offers limited in-person care in McCall, Idaho. New Idaho locations coming in 2024! Click here to register via our secure patient portal! 

Membership Program

Our membership is rooted in ongoing support between visits, health education, and community! Fill out the form and let us know you’re interested! Laura, our virtual assistant, will then reach out to you! 

Supplements & Healthy Living

Supplements & products to help you live healthy!  Dr. Paulson only recommends high quality products she has used herself. Discounted and reputable sourcing! 


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3 big reasons you might be feeling drained are:

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Functional & Integrative Medicine

A personalized and holistic approach

Your visits are personalized and the focus is entirely on you, your experience, your journey, and your plan. Dr. Paulson does not have protocols because you are unique! Your plan is based on your history, genetics, lab findings, and your lifestyle!

Expertise & Personal Experience

Dr. Paulson is here practicing functional medicine because she too, has walked a difficult health journey. She has naturally, through her own health journey, found hormone balancing and healthy aging the focus of her practice! She guides her patient's health journey with clinical expertise, personal experiences, and dedication to help others discover the healing power of functional and integrative medicine.


Dr. Paulson limits her daily volume of visits to ensure she has the energy and dedication for each visit. As a board-certified advanced practice holistic nurse, you will receive true holistic care plan focusing on your mental-emotional-physical-spiritual health. Be prepared to dive into stress perception interventions, purpose, relationships, and community!

Personalized Medicine

Your visits are personalized and the focus is entirely on you, your experience, your journey, and your plan. Dr. Paulson does not have protocols because you are unique! Your plan is based on your history, genetics, lab findings, and your lifestyle. Dr. Paulson has an intellectual mind and commits to regular, ongoing education to keep up with the newest health offerings for longevity and improving health span.


When you commit to working with Dr. Paulson in our membership plan, you get ongoing support between visits via our secure patient portal. You also get access to monthly live educational webinars, additional discounts on supplements and other professional offerings.