Divorcing Hair Dye

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It’s a topic that I’ve chosen to ignore and not “work on” for years. Back in 2004 when I started my journey into cleaning up my lifestyle, eating healthy and reversing debilitating diagnosis’ plaguing my family: autism, migraines, auto-immunity, hormone imbalance, weight imbalance.  My family was so sick that I dived right into cleaning up our lives on various levels. Some changes easy, some not so easy.  Replacing conventional foods laden with dyes, preservatives and chemicals was not so easy but I managed to do it in just a couple weeks. It was a big learning curve!

Now the tough topic, changing my personal care products.

Switching to natural soaps, shampoos, conditioners was easy peasy. Deodorant more challenging or should I say just a bit stinky till I found one that was free of chemicals and worked.  I’ve never been a big make-up person but I did switch out my CoverGirl products to Jane Iredale high quality and expensive mineral make-up. Good change for the past 15 years.

I started highlighting my hair in my early 20’s using an Aveda Salon, which is more plant based and lower ammonia levels.  The hair dye use started in my early 30’s when the grey hairs started popping in.  I never gave much thought to the chemicals until the day I was so fatigued after having my hair dyed in 2010.  I had a date to a co-workers wedding that evening, outfit bought and I was too sick to get off the sofa.  Made me think about the hair dyes because it was not an illness, it was clearly a severe fatigue reaction after my hair dye that lasted for about 12 hours. It was these same hair dyes that started to burn my scalp. My hairdresser offered to put Splenda in the dye next time, which would apparently neutralize the chemicals to not burn.  Really?  I wouldn’t put Splenda in my mouth! Why in the hell would I want to add it to my skin? Now I’m starting to think more about what these hair dyes are made of and what they are doing to my body!

My Functional Medicine training in 2014-2016 really opened my eyes to the devastating effects of heavy metals and chemicals in personal care products! Then I tested my level of heavy metals and after seeing the high levels on paper, I could no longer be ignorant to how this was affecting my health. I had to make changes.

I started using the Environmental Working Group (www.ewg.org) Skin Deep database to help me on my search for healthy personal products. I discovered Beauty Counter’s EWG certified skin care products and made the transition.  I tried Moroccan Method (http://shop.morroccomethod.com/) henna dye for 6 months. My hair kept pulling orange/red and failed to take on a nice natural brown color. But I love their shampoo and it’s rated great at EWG!

I kept thinking to myself that I spend all this money to eat healthy, organic foods, live clean and take care of my body. But I kept putting dyes on my hair routinely-every 8 weeks! I could no longer justify this.

Hair dye transition has not been easy, especially as my gray and silver hairs are increasing. I was starting to become anxious and obsessive with thoughts about the chemicals days prior to my hair appointments.  In August 2017, I finally made the decision to quit dying my hair.   My very supportive hairdresser Jen Maxwell agreed to help me try a natural produce, Hair Print. It’s going to be a process; I will have grow out of grey for a couple months. But it’s me, it’s my body, my health that is being affected.

I can no longer be ignorant to these chemicals and what they are doing to my body and immune system.

  • Ammonia-Respiratory irritant
  • Peroxide-concern for organ system toxicity moderate
  • p-phenylenediamine-concern for cancer, allergies, immunotoxicity
  • Diaminobenzene-concern for cancer, allergies, immunotoxicity
  • Lead Acetate-concern for cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies, immunotoxicity
  • Diazolidinyl urea, a preservative that releases formaldehyde. Concern for cancer, allergies, immunotoxicity
  • And always concern for parabens, phthalates as endocrine disrupters!

Source www.ewg.org (skin deep database).

My new journey to Hair Print. I was skeptical but after reading about how it works and testimonials, I’m going to give it a try!  Hair dyes strip hair of it’s color and then insert coal tar into the hair giving it a permanent hair color. Dr. Warner’s hair print replaces the natural melanin pigment that gives our hair it’s color.  It will restore your natural color to black or brown, sorry ladies it doesn’t work for blonde or red hair.

Source: https://www.myhairprint.com/pages/color-restorer

I’ve accepted potential outcomes. Hair print may restore me to a natural brunette. No highlights. No changing colors. Hair Print may not work and I may work really hard to embrace my natural grey hair.

It’s a journey and we all take it at our own pace!  I’ve loved to hear from you on how you embraced your grays!

Cheers to All Natural’



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