General FAQ’s

Do you accept my insurance?

Jennifer is an in network practitioner with MODA, Pacific Source, First Choice Health and Regence/Blue Cross Blue Shield.

What if we are an out of network provider?

We will provide you a detailed insurance receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for processing.  We will collect payment at the time of service and provide you a prompt pay discount of 30% for members and 25% discount for non-members.

Can you bill Medicare or Medicaid/OHP?

Sorry, we are not contracted with OHP plans and Jennifer is opted out of Medicare.

What are your fees?

Because we bill insurance, we are only allowed to have one set of fees, which are based on time and complexity of your visit. We can apply a prompt pay discount for those who do not have  insurance or opt to not utilize their insurance.  Our fees range from $200-$450 for visits. Jennifer can communicate this with you for more detailed charges.

What is a micro-practice?

A micro-practice is a practice that operates with minimal  overhead expenses.
Since functional medicine practices do not see the quantity of patients seen in a conventional medicine clinic (6 vs. 20 per day), it is essential to keep business operating expenses down.
Our micro-practice operates with reduced overhead via:
  • Renting a small room to conduct patient visits
  • Utilizing an online system that will perform everything from billing to scheduling and patient communication
  • Keeping our office staff to a minimum: Jennifer is our solo practitioner, Steve is our biller and takes care of insurance verification and Sara is our virtual office manager.
  • Steve and Sara both hold other day jobs, so their work is done during off hours.
  • Utilizing an online dispensary which also offers us the ability to pass on significant discount pricing and ensure you obtain your medical grade vitamins from a safe place (unlike Amazon).

What should I expect being a patient in a micro-practice?

You should expect that communication is primarily through our secure patient portal-Cerbo.
Please be patient and allow up to 2 business days for messages and voicemail messages to be returned.
Plan in advance for your follow up office visits and request those via the online scheduler in Cerbo.
Be open to this new model of care which allows us to focus on quality vs. quantity of patient care.
Plan to order your recommended supplements via our online dispensary Fullscript. We keep limited supplements on hand.

What labs do you use?

We have over twenty functional test accounts and utilizes various functional and integrative laboratories. Routine lab work is done locally with Quest or St. Charles lab. We do have client billing accounts with Quest and St. Charles so we can pass a 75% discount on lab prices which is an excellent option if you have a high deductible plan, medical sharing plan that won’t cover labs or simply uninsured.

Do you prescribe medication?

Jennifer does manage prescription medications for patients although the goal is to use minimal or eliminate prescription drug use. Prescriptions do require regular office visits and lab monitoring. If you have no refills left on your prescription, please request an appointment.  We will not renew prescriptions without an office visit. This is simply safe medical practice.

Membership FAQ’s

What is the purpose of membership?

We value providing holistic care which requires longer visit times and additional work outside of office visits. The monthly membership fee covers these essentials that are not reimbursed by insurance companies.

What is the process to become a member?

We value your time, so we have a process to ensure we are a good fit for each other. After you apply to the membership program (Jacque-can you insert a link to take them to the inquiry submission form) Sara, our virtual office manager will contact you.  Sara will guide you through the enrollment process to complete all intake questionnaires in our secure patient portal. Once paperwork is completed, Sara will schedule your initial 90minute visit.   

Does my membership fee cover services or office visits?

No. Office visits are billed separately from monthly membership fees. We will office visits to insurance companies we are in network with.  If we are an out of network provider with your insurance company, we do offer prompt pay discounted pricing.

Do I have to become a member?

We have found that to provide the highest level of service, a client membership program is necessary.  Currently nearing patient capacity limits, we are sensitive to the level of service delivered.  With the membership plan, we commit to providing the best care to members, including last minute appointments.

Who is membership for?

Membership is ideal for patients dedicated to working closely with Jennifer seeking assured care and timely appointments.  When patient capacity is reached and Jennifer restricts her practice to new or non-member patients, you won’t have to worry about a lengthy wait to make an appointment.

What will my membership cover?

For a list of benefits, head to our Membership Program page. One of the benefits that our patients most value is that they have access to longer appointment times, so we can really delve into their issues without the time limits of conventional medicine office visits.

Will my insurance cover my monthly membership fee?

No, this is a cash pay service not covered by insurance.  Some insurance companies will allow you to use your FSA or HSA card to pay for your monthly fee. You should consult directly with your insurance for detailed coverage options.

Why a membership fee in addition to my insurance responsibility and premium?

Much preparation time and effort goes into your visit outside of the actual appointment.  This includes portal messaging, refilling prescriptions, referrals, etc.  This all to ensure a thorough wellness plan for you.

How are the visits with Jennifer billed?

If we are “in network/contracted with” your insurance plan, our office will verify benefits coverage prior to your visit. Per our billing guidelines, we will do the following:
•    Collect your “patient responsibility” at the time of service. This includes co-pays, deductibles, coinsurance and past due account balances.
•    Submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement.
If you have an insurance plan we are not contracted with, we require an “at the time of service” payment.  You will receive a discounted office visit charge with a receipt to submit to your insurance.

How do I register for membership?

Sara our virtual office manager will guide you through the membership enrollment process after she determines our services are a good fit for your health care needs. We charge a onetime $50 enrollment fee at the time of registration. This fee is non-refundable.  

How do I pay for monthly membership?

Your credit card will be kept on file in our securely encrypted system. We only have access to your last four digits of your card. We will select a day of the month for your monthly $35 fee to be charged to your card on file.  

What if I live out of town and cannot make it to the office?

Jennifer offers “telemed” visits.  Using an online meeting room, you can log-in to see each other via your computer cameras/screens. If you do not have access to a computer, the consult can be done via the phone.  Oregon law and our office policy require an annual face-to-face visit in the office but the remainder of visits can be done via telemed.

Can I list Jennifer as my PCP (Primary Care Provider)?

Jennifer has agreed to provide primary care services to her members only if allowed by your insurance company . She will coordinate referrals to specialists as needed.

What if I am a member and need an urgent appointment and cannot find a time on the portal schedule?

Please send a portal message to Jennifer indicating your medical concerns and urgency. Jennifer reserves appointment times for her members and will do her best to see you as these types of needs arise.  Exceptions to this would be when Jennifer is out of the office.

How do I cancel my membership contract?

Our membership agreement requires a 30day notice to cancel your membership. This request must come in writing via portal message or email: